Life Update

17 Oct

Hi readers,

I thought I would write you a quick note to explain why I’ve been so sporadic with posting. Skip if you don’t want to read personal stuff (though I don’t try to go on too long a rant)!

The short of it is that this year has been more demanding than I had anticipated.

The longer version: My family had a health scare at the beginning of the year, and typically I write a few posts in advance, but this, combined with some other activities resulted in much less time and energy for myself and for my reading/blogging. I also switched to working a different night and my routine writing times changed, making it harder to get a post finalized before my usual Tuesday posting day. I have had a harder time catching up while behind since having a family leaves little mental clarity for writing, especially when this writing, while awesome, isn’t one that feels like an enjoyable me-time activity (like reading or writing my book or watching tv). Sometimes we don’t anticipate how life’s commitments will change us, and this is an area that has suffered. It’s something I definitely want to do better, but there are certainly more areas than just my blogging that has had reduced attention. I’ve not been able to read the quantity I have in the past, or been able to focus on other hobbies and priorities that I miss and highly value.

So, all of that being said, readers, I still love you all and sharing great (or at least good) books with you. I’ll try to do better, but I’m also not trying to put pressure on myself. It makes the writing less pleasurable. Hopefully though, since I’ve got a backlog of posts and awesome books I’ve been reading, you’ll see more soon. (Don’t count on it though since we’re heading into the holidays. I never have extra time during the holidays!)

Happy reading, and I do hope you’ll all pick something literary for Halloween! (Oh no, that’s another thing I’ve yet to do…) Feel free to share yours!

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