Keeping the Castle/ A School for Brides by Patricia Kindl

16 Aug

Teen and adult fans of Jane Austen or light historical romances will find this series quick, lighthearted, and highly entertaining.

keeping-the-castle-cover-photoKeeping the Castle

Althea Crawley must find a rich husband soon or her family home, the legacy for her little brother Alexander, will fall apart, not to mention their poor finances and hospitality. When a new Lord moves back to the country and brings new faces, Althea and her stepsisters, Prudence and Charity Winthrop, set their caps at finding a husband amongst the party. One member, Mr. Fredericks proves to be annoying and keeps getting into arguments with Althea when she’d like to be taking long walks with Lord Boring. Will she find only the rich husband she desires, or does she really want something more substantial from marriage?


23281631A School for Brides

Girls at the Winthrop Hopkins Female Academy are taught to be young ladies suitable for marriage, the only catch is that there are no appropriate men anywhere for miles. When a dashing young man falls from his horse and must recuperate at the school, his friends soon follow and chaos reigns as girls try to find romance, men concoct secret plots, women contrive to be great ladies, and favorite characters from the earlier novel sprinkle this mad romp with humor, mystery, heartfelt emotion, and hopefully happiness.

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