The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright

28 Jun

25517283The Heir and the Spare

Evangeline Gray has graduated from high school and is on her way to Oxford, finally embarking on her mother’s mysterious adventure to discover her heritage. Evie’s mother had died some years earlier, and each year on her birthday Evie had received a letter from her. Usually her father knew about these letters, but this last one he did not, and Evie intended to keep it that way. Her mother’s family had never liked her father, and so Evie knew nothing about her mother except she was English.

Now in England for school, Evie makes a few friends: Suzy, Edmund, Preston, and Caroline.  Edmund, who loves museums and art much like Evie, offers to take her on the next leg of the mystery, touring about London. After a wonderful day and plans for the future, Evie discovers her new friend is actually second in line to the British throne! Following more clues left by her mother’s lawyer/best friend Anton, Evie confides in Edmund about her mission to learn more about her mom’s childhood. As she grows closer to Edmund and to revealing her mother’s secrets, Evie finds she really loves her life in England, and yet… things are more complicated than ever. She’s falling for a prince who is promised to another, and her grandmother hates her but keeps asking for her. Evie has hard choices to make, but will she make the right one, and is that one her family would be proud of?

A brilliant teen read-a-like for one of my favorite books The Royal We that is charming, witty, engaging, and totally a beach pleasure read that still carries a few setbacks to make things less of a sappy fairytale.


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