Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

18 Jun

23719270Vengeance Road

After her father is murdered for gold by an outlaw gang known as the Rose Riders, Kate Thompson sets off on a quest to avenge his death. Astride her horse Silver and pretending to be a boy for her protection, Kate journeys to Wickenburg in search of Abe, her father’s old friend. There she meets brothers Jesse and Will Colton and their family after learning of their father Abe’s death. The brothers seem to think Kate (using the name Nate) will stay at the ranch, but she heads out following the Rose Riders route, thanks to information from the Coltons. To her dismay, Jesse and Will catch up to her and want to ride with her. She and Jesse in particular do not seem to get along, but in a lengthy adventure filled with shootouts, fires, Apaches, and death, Kate finds something more than she bargained for in Jesse. Facing her father’s horde of secrets, Kate must examine what she truly believes and make a hard choice or risk a lifetime of guilt and blood on her hands.

A delightful YA Western, made more believable with dialogue in vernacular (that never ceased to have me adopting different accents aloud), with an admirably fierce heroine whose stubborn determination and loyalty is irresistible.

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Posted by on June 18, 2016 in Action/Adventure, Young Adult/Teen


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