The King Slayer by Virginia Boecker

30 Mar

25603164The King Slayer

Following the revelation of Elizabeth Grey’s identity as a witch hunter and her attack on Lord Blackwell after he usurped the throne and revealed himself to be a wizard, Elizabeth is in hiding and under magical protection while also facing trial for her past crimes. During her trial, she and the villagers of Harrow are attacked by Lord Blackwell’s infiltrators, yet her judgment is still final: she must kill Lord Blackwell. With her stigma freely given to her friend John to save him from death, Elizabeth is sure to die facing Blackwell without it. As Elizabeth trains for the coming fight, she notices John’s odd, violent behavior. Where once he was a healer, he now shuns his magic and throws himself into sword fighting and other physical skills. Seeing the turmoil of her friends and the added pressure of more murders in Harrow, Elizabeth tries to complete her task alone, but in the coming civil war all of Anglia lies at stake and one reformed witch hunter has a key role to play.

Magic, pirates, the undead…I love the blend of historical fiction and fantasy. It’s solid as a sequel, and realistically carries the romance between John and Elizabeth to the next level. It is easy to love some of the characters, especially Schuyler, who despite being a dangerous and unpredictable revenant, still manages to be likable and endearing. Since this is not yet published, I won’t write much about any potential spoilers! However, one of the things that most surprises me about this book is how Virginia Boecker manages to pack so much adventure into such a short book and pulls it off wonderfully! I remember being halfway through thinking that the book had to end soon, and yet new twists kept popping up until the end.  Being named just a sequel, it looks like this is a final book as there’s no mention of the series continuing (a shame not to write more novels though since it has such a rich world!).

Note: This review was taken from an advanced reader copy.

The King Slayer will be released June 14, 2016.


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