The Boy Most Likely To by Huntley Fitzpatrick

24 Nov

9780803741423 The Boy Most Likely To – Written in the same realm as the former award-winning novel My Life Next Door

Despite being sharp and smart, Tim Mason has been expelled from high school, attends AA meetings leftover from his addiction, and his father has just put a fast deadline on his only income–that is, if Tim can’t turn his life into something his father considers productive. When Tim quit his job working for Samantha’s mother, the mayor, that was the end of any esteem his father held for him, which wasn’t much to begin with. His sister, Nan, has always been the perfect one, though she secretly was cheating off of Tim. So…things are looking rough for Tim, but that’s not unusual. It’s practically a given–if Tim’s involved, things will be completely screwed up.

Now, Tim has decided to move into a garage apartment, recently vacated by his best friend Jase Garrett’s older brother, and conveniently, his dream girl, Jase’s sister Alice, lives next door (no matter her meaty boyfriend and the two years (and a graduation) that separate them). Before he can even begin to find his footing and maybe get his GED or something, a girl shows up at his door, saying on one of his drunken escapades they hooked up, and pulls a red-haired baby boy from her car. Tim is blindsided. How could he have missed this, and just when things were looking better for him and Alice. On the other hand, Alice is filling in for her parents and taking care of her siblings, managing the finances, and still taking college classes. She has enough to worry about than her crush on her little brother’s best friend, who used to be an alcoholic and sleep around. Will Tim and Alice break the odds keeping them apart and finally have something worth keeping for themselves?

It’s true again. I love anything by Huntley Fitzpatrick. Her romances are real, contain emotional depth, and resolve with utter satisfaction. Coming back to the world with Samantha and the Garretts is like coming back home, familiar and full of love. Her characters are fun and anything but flat, especially the younger children. No other author treats younger children in teen novels quite as real as Huntley. I’d give these to every older teen who reads romance if I could!

Author read-a-likes: Stephanie Perkins, Sarah Dessen, and Rainbow Rowell.

Note: Sex, language, and mentions of alcohol and drugs.

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