Lion Heart (Scarlet, 3) by A.C. Gaughen

10 Nov

Lion HeartThe final novel in the heart-wrenchingly captivating Robin Hood/Marian Scarlet trilogy

16181625Held captive by Prince John for months now and becoming weaker, Scarlet learns of her father’s, King Richard’s, capture. Without the threat of Richard’s wrath on his brother John, Scarlet’s now worth more dead than alive. When Prince John tries to secretly kill her, one of Queen Eleanor’s loyal knights, David, helps save her life and smuggle her to freedom. Though Scarlet wishes to return to Nottingham and Rob and tell him she’s alive, her father is more important, and she rides to find Queen Eleanor, her grandmother, accompanied by David and an old friend, Allan a Dale. Because she is in danger of her life, they must skulk and hide in shadows and away from crowds in their journey. Luckily, they are able to rely on an old ally, the Duke of Winchester, and meet with the Queen. Faced with a choice to save herself and Rob from being murdered or attempt to fight John, Scarlet first tries to run away from the dangers, but when she foils a plot to steal the ransom and harm or even kill Queen Eleanor, Scarlet embraces her true nature to fight for what she believes in. To gain enough allies to thwart John, Scarlet must also embrace her heritage as a lady, and in this case, Lady Huntingdon, the title her father recently gifted her with, the one Rob had long lost. Using her newfound title and influence feels foreign, but Scarlet is a true Lion Heart, and despite John’s thirst for blood and power, she stands strong against his tyranny, even when he uses the one she loves most against her. When Scarlet and Robin stand to lose each other as well as their whole kingdom, will love, and truth, finally conquer all?

Without revealing too many spoilers, the conclusion to this series is superbly satisfying. I love Scarlet’s pluck and courage. She is an easy heroine to root for. As for Robin, I don’t see how anyone could help falling in love with him! The characters in this series are well-drawn and make you want to live in their world even after the book ends. This is one of the best historical interpretations of Robin Hood/Marian I have ever read, and one I adored so much, I bought them for myself. More readers need to find this gem of a series!

Notes: Contains sexual situations, violence, and some gruesome descriptions.

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