End of Days (Angelfall, 3) by Susan Ee

03 Nov

End of DaysThe feverish epic conclusion to the Angelfall trilogy

A1bqZHJAcZL._SL1500_-600x906“Can one girl change the destiny of both heaven and earth?”

On the run but reunited again, Penryn and Raffe are caught between shifting lines of the men and angels. As they, along with Paige, her locusts, and a shriveled husk of Beliel, take refuge on a nearby island for a brief time, more almost insurmountable obstacles surface: Penryn and Raffe’s growing attraction, Paige’s loyalty to the enemy, and Beliel’s temptations of Penryn. After unleashing hellions when Penryn gives into that temptation, she also unknowingly discovers a hidden power. But Raffe’s wings need restoring immediately, and they go in search of the Resistance and a certain rescued doctor. Finding the Resistance again also means new surprises: Penryn’s mom is now a general in the Resistance, there is a cult devoted to feeding Paige, and the makings of an angelic plague are in the works. As their allegiances once again pull them apart, Raffe chooses a deal to save his wings and thwart Uriel but Penryn is captured and sentenced for being the angelkiller. Just when Penryn is facing death, Raffe appears and confronts Uriel, but not before the latter launches his campaign for the End of Days, where monstrous beasts roam the earth with 666 tattooed on their foreheads and head to slaughter the human remnant. With the angels at a stalemate, they agree to a trial by contest to determine the winner. Though Penryn and Raffe are still not quite equal allies, they form a dangerous plan involving a traitor, the Pit, and a fierce battle for everyone’s lives…one that might just give them a real chance to live and maybe…love.

This is such a wonderful series, and I’m sad it is over (no more 5 books to this series as I posted in the last review)! It’s filled with characters I would love to keep reading more about, especially Penryn. I love her! She is such a strong female warrior/leader and has a voice that is immediately likable and will relate to teens. Raffe really gains a voice once his sword begins showing some of his point of view (book 2), and we have a much better time rooting for them to be together, even if it is forbidden. On that note, I won’t reveal any spoilers, but the romance is simply swoonworthy. The whole series handles angelic lore in an interesting yet believable way, and you won’t be disappointed by the ending, cataclysmic though it is. I don’t think this series had as much recognition as it deserves, especially for a smaller publisher, so truly check it out!

Notes: Sexual situations, violence, and some gruesome descriptions.

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