Shades of Doon (Doon, 3) by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

29 Sep

23433222 Shades of Doon – this review is taken from a free Advanced Reader’s copy and may be different from the final version.

Since the last visit to the magical kingdom of Doon (see Doon and Destined for Doon), each of our heroines has been for the most part happy, but still dealing with a few hiccups. Mackenna is getting used to her life in the kingdom, but doesn’t quite know where she fits. Veronica has been having sudden bouts of illness, but no one can figure out why. Still, their lives are pretty perfect, until some strange magic forces them out of Doon and back into the real world. They’re only back in Alloway, Scotland, and luckily they brought their rings and are able to simply pop back over the Brig. After they tell their worried MacCrae Princes, Jamie and Duncan, and their friends, they’re under more scrutiny as they struggle to figure out the cause. When they hand over their magical rings for study, they are betrayed by a friend and this time booted out of Doon all the way back into their former lives. Kenna ends up in her apartment in Chicago, while Vee wakes up in her bed in Indiana, the home with her mother and that horrible Bob the Slob. Immediately, Kenna sets out for Veronica’s house, and the best friends are reunited, even if they’re thinking their lives in Doon were just fantasy. Not ones to simply sit around and wait to be rescued, they set out to get new clothes and maybe jobs. Just when their hopes are low, Jamie and Duncan arrive on their doorstep, true knights, albeit without shining armor and white horses but at least shining with love and a limo. After gallivanting around in the modern world and reconciling their former lives with their future ones, they travel back to Doon only to discover the worst has happened in their absence. The witch Addie has gotten back in, and she intends to control or destroy them all.

One of the things I enjoyed best about this novel was how Mackenna and Veronica finally got to really rely on each other for support and yet have fun. It was especially nice to have them flashback to their old lives, only now with their Princes, like something out of a Disney fairy tale. Can’t say enough how I just love this series! It’s such fun! Romance, swashbucking adventure, humor, and undeniably a clean, uplifting read. It simply makes me happy and is what I would have loved to read as a teen. This series is perfect for girls of all ages, especially parents concerned about teen content or who have religious rules about reading (such as only Christian authors). Fans of Disney or Shannon Hale need to give this series a try. Also, isn’t that cover art gorgeous?!

IMG_3735I was lucky enough to meet Carey and Lorie this summer at ALA, and they are delightful, much like their books. After meeting them, I can totally see their personalities shine through in Kenna and Vee. They are currently hard at work on book 4, the final in the series. I can’t wait to see where it goes as it ended on a cliffhanger! (Also, I’m totally hoping for some sort of double wedding!)

Lorie, Carey, if you read this: I finished this well over two months ago, but my new job prevented me from writing as quick as I would like. You might like to know it’s like reading a version of hot chocolate: fuzzy marshmallows melting in a pool of rich, warm chocolate. You sip and sip so happy, but then, alas. You’ve reached the bottom of the cup (or end) and must wait for the next, for it’s too rich to drink one after the other. *sad emoji* It reminds me a lot of Erynn Mangum’s novels, which hands down are my favorite little hidden gems of Christian chick lit humorous romance.

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