The Rose Society (The Young Elites, 2) by Marie Lu

01 Sep

23429332Potential Spoilers Ahead! Read at your own risk!

Note: This review taken from an uncorrected proof, not a final copy, but pre-order yours today! Follow the link below!

 The Rose Society 

(The Young Elites)

After accidentally using her power and mistaking Prince Enzo for Teren, causing Teren to kill Enzo, Adelina and her sister are on the run from the Daggers and the Inquisition Axis. The Daggers have also escaped the shores of Kenettra, as even their supporters are targeted and suppressed by the Inquisition. Now in the northern kingdom of Beldain, Raffaele and his companions have gone to offer their services to the new young Queen, and she has plans to use her own Elite power. . . to raise Enzo from the dead and thereby win Kenettra to her crown.

Meanwhile, Adelina and Violetta have made their way across the sea in search of more Elites, intent upon gaining support to take the crown from Queen Giulietta and to stop the mistreatment of the malfettos. They’ve been scouting the island of Merroutas for Magiano, a boy who inspires so many rumors that they cannot be sure of his real gifts. His real draw is his influence and reputation. When they finally come across Magiano, he makes them a deal in exchange for his allegiance: to steal a priceless brooch from the Night King, the most feared man in Merroutas, before Magiano himself can. Using her ruthless cunning, Adelina and Violetta are able to outsmart Magiano and the Night King, but not without making a giant mess that leaves the Night King dead, Merroutas floundering for leadership, and Adelina hallucinating severely. Still, they succeed in winning Magiano to their cause, who brings his own ally:  Sergio, a mercenary captain and another Young Elite–the Boy Who Could Control the Rain. Together they form their own society, the Rose Society, and cement their allegiance. Discovering that the Daggers and Queen Maeve plan to raise Enzo and tether him to Raffaele, Adelina and the Roses have another danger other than the Inquisition.  It’s a fight on three sides as Queen Maeve, the Beldish army, and the Daggers draw against Queen Guiletta, Teren, and the Inquisition while also beset by Adelina, Violetta, Magiano, Sergio, and the mercenaries from Merroutas. Who will survive in this epic battle for destiny?

I couldn’t put this book down! Oh, how I want to read it again and again. This was not a typical middle novel in a trilogy. It magnifies the expectation for the final book (but did you expect any less from Marie Lu?), and is simply darker than ever, amazing, and addictive. I must confess. I love Magiano. He’s become my favorite in this novel, while the other characters have become more clear. He’s just so sweet, funny, and flirtatious! Still, so as not to give to much away, I’m only going to talk about Adelina.

While the first novel explored Adelina’s innocence and vulnerability, those ties have been mostly severed, and here we follow as she threatens to thoroughly embrace Machiavellian principles in her quest for vengeance and power. In using her illusion gifts more frequently, her inner turmoil grows which manifests outwardly, leaving her powers and her sanity unstable. Her one last hope is her love and loyalties, but those are uncertain with the addition of the raised and unpredictable Enzo. Adelina becomes more and more like the White Wolf for whom she is named, transforming from a dangerous puppy into a bloodthirsty wild animal that strikes all who may be potential threats. (I just can’t help but imagine how hard it must be for Marie Lu to write such a dark heroine; the real blood, sweat, and tears it must take to sit in Adelina’s head!) This may be the first time you are so seduced by a villain . . .

Teaser for the next novel: A final secret emerges that promises to destroy all Young Elites and the world they strive to build, heal, or conquer.

Read an excerpt found at JustJared!


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3 responses to “The Rose Society (The Young Elites, 2) by Marie Lu

  1. ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят

    September 6, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    I’m so excited for this book ! I didn’t read the review in fear of spoilers but I’ll probably come back to it after I read it

    • Kara

      September 6, 2015 at 7:31 pm

      That was a good plan. 🙂 I tried to keep the big stuff out of it, but still wanted to give a good review! Look forward to reading how you like it!


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