Captive (Pawn, no. 2) by Aimee Carter

28 Apr

10944842 Captive

With the conclusion of Pawn, Kitty, posing as Lila Hart, had just killed Augusta Hart and found out that Daxton Hart, the Prime Minister, had been Masked just like she had. He was not the real Daxton Hart; he was an imposter. With the political upheaval and Daxton’s imperial power, Kitty is supposed to be acting under Knox’s orders like carefree Lila. However, we all know Kitty can’t possibly following directions when they’re given. Knox, for good or ill, tries to take care of things while leaving Kitty to be a symbol, but Kitty wants her own responsibilities and respect. Fearing her own identity has been compromised and needing leverage to use to convince Knox and the Blackcoats, she sneaks into Daxton’s quarters to find the information on his true identity as well as her own. The plan being exposing his true nature would free the kingdom from under the Hart iron fist. Instead, she is easily captured and sent to a special area of Elsewhere watched by a married couple, the Mercers, who run the sector with mortal threat. The “citizens” of the sector are heavily guarded and play certain roles, knowing the consequences of disobeying are only cage fighting or immediate death. Kitty can’t process her new surroundings and constantly tries to buck the rules, causing new friends and acquaintances to be murdered. Then, a chapter of the rebellion in the sector brings her in and gives her a task: get security codes from the Mercers to prove her value. With everyone’s lives at stake and not just her own, Kitty must succeed or the country has no hope of overthrowing the power of Daxton Hart.

I will certainly say that I like the ending much better this time. Since reading the first novel, much of the plot and characterization comes across as forced. Kitty is so boring and stupidly predictable that it’s almost ludicrous that she isn’t already dead, what with constantly disobeying every order given to her even when she must be smart enough to do otherwise. She should be dead at least 10x over! It could be a drinking game for every time Kitty does something undeniably asinine, especially for an 18 year old. There’s the rub.

Still, there was still no love for Benjy and Kitty’s relationship or, come to think of it, Kitty herself. What I liked best about this book is the Sector and the twists of fate that pulled Kitty through, oh say, about half into the book. A few interesting secrets were revealed, so I’ll probably read the next. May not want to blog it though.

Maybe middle grade suitable, except for the torture and violence.


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