The Lunar Chronicles (1-3) by Marissa Meyer

27 Jan

Everyone has been raving about how great these books are and I just had to read for myself.

Asdfghjkl!!!! I LOVED THEM. AM BUYING!

They have been labeled as retellings of classic fairytales, and while they are, you are so engrossed in the rest of the other details that they are practically nothing like any other fairytale retellings that I’ve ever read. The base material is pulled from the fairytale but the rest of the story is like having a science fiction/Star Wars-esque Once Upon a Time where there are mashups and epic battles and such, but many of the heroines/heroes have to stick together to succeed. Read on and I hope you’re prepared to fall in love.

419rjQNqYhL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Cinder

In a dystopian future, great advances have been made in technology, leading to common use of androids and cyborg operations while humans are dying of a deadly plague. Even worse still, another evil is looming greater than the plague deaths. The Lunars, a race of space people who live on the moon, and their queen, Levana, are at any minute about to wage war on the planet.

However, our story begins in the hot and crowded city of New Beijing. Orphaned Cinder is a mechanic and a cyborg. Despised by her stepmother and one stepsister and looked down upon by most citizens, Cinder desires her freedom more than anything else, which is hard considering she has no legal power or money. For such a talented person in seemingly hopeless circumstances, it surprises her when she catches the notice of Prince Kai who is seeking to have his android repaired. Then her favorite stepsister suddenly gets the plague and Cinder is devastated. Her stepmother signs her up to be a vaccine test subject, and since Cinder is a cyborg, she is basically property. Hauled off to the medical center at the palace against her will, Cinder discovers she is immune to the plague and receives an allowance for her participation in the medical studies. There, Cinder once again runs into Prince Kai who invites her to be his guest for the ball and begs for the information on his broken android. Determined to get out of New Beijing once and for all, Cinder declines and begins plotting her escape until she repairs the droid that is so vitally important to the prince. Suddenly, Cinder is thrust into the center of the conflict between Queen Levana and Prince Kai. She must do everything she can to stop their engagement because the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Scarlet Scarlet

With the conclusion of Cinder, our former heroine was thrown in jail.(No other spoilers here!) Now, with the help of Captain Carswell Thorne, she’s on the lam though she’s a wanted fugitive, but she still needs more answers to save Prince Kai from the Lunars. Chasing the answers sends her to France where we meet our new heroine…

In a faraway little French town, Scarlet Benoit is worried about her missing grandmother, a former military pilot who long since retired to run her own picturesque farm. Scarlet cannot find any clues as to where she’s gone, but two things make her suspicious. One, her drunk father returns telling tales of kidnapping and something that’s lost, and two, enter Wolf, a powerful street fighter with predatory instincts and a hidden past who seems to have a thing for Scarlet. When she decides to go after the gang to rescue her kidnapped grandmother, Wolf accompanies her as her protection. Their adventure brings them to Cinder who is also searching for Scarlet’s grandmother, and together they must find the answers they’re looking for while evading capture and death from the Lunars and their newest homicidal weapon, packs of mind-controlled Lunar wolves who are ruthless killers.

13206828 Cress

Briefly, we met Cress in the first book as she was the girl who told of Levana’s plan to marry Kai and take over Earth. After the end of the last book, Cinder, Thorne, Iko, Scarlet and Wolf know they need more help exposing Levana’s plans for war and decide they need to rescue Cress to do it.

Cress has been trapped for years in a satellite orbiting the moon by Queen Levana’s second-in-command Sybil Mara. Cress is a shell, or a Lunar that has no capacity for glamours and manipulations, and must do as the Queen commands. Mostly, she is solely responsible for cloaking ships and spying on earth but she is secretly an excellent hacker. In fact, she’s been helping Cinder and rebelling against her Queen, despite instructions to find the cyborg fugitive and turn her in. Ever since Cinder escaped from prison, she’s actually been cloaking their ship while mooning over the handsome Captain Carswell Thorne. When they attempt to rescue her, things go wrong as Sybil Mara discovers their plan, leaving Cinder with an enemy Lunar and a very injured Wolf while Sybil Mara escapes with Scarlet as hostage and Thorne and Cress are stranded in a plummeting satellite. Each group must band together to save the world or let Levana doom Earth into an eon of submission. Their time is running out as Queen Levana is marrying Prince Kai in only a few days. Their second mission? Kidnap Prince Kai and stop that wedding!

This series has it all! Romance, adventure, science fiction/geeky technical descriptions…I read them in three days I was so addicted! I just love how these are strong female characters who are determined to do what’s right even if it means they must sacrifice their own comfort to save the world. The men in the book are admirable too, in fact, very similar to the strong-willed cast of Divergent. Even timid and naive Cress has her own strength and part to play that could mean possible victory or utter defeat. I can’t say enough great things about this series. They are clean reads and perfect for all ages.

Fairest, the prequel novella starring Queen Levana, comes out today!  22489107

Winter, the fourth book in the series, comes out November 2015.

Find out more behind this great series click here!


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2 responses to “The Lunar Chronicles (1-3) by Marissa Meyer

  1. Jeanenne

    March 17, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    One of my favorites!

    • Kara

      March 17, 2015 at 9:35 pm

      I’m sort of glad I didn’t read them earlier because I would have been dying waiting for new books!


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