Destined for Doon (Doon, 2) by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

11 Nov

DestinedforDoon_highres Destined for Doon

The sequel to the lovely historical yet modern romance of Doon does not disappoint! If you loved the last book, you will be super excited for this one! And those of you who are tempted into picking up your mom’s or sister’s adult romance novels should find this an excellent age-appropriate substitute. Plenty of action, humor, and swooning romance all mixed up in this fantastical adventure.

At the end of Doon, Veronica wholeheartedly decided to stay and become queen of Doon with her love, Jamie, while her saucy best friend Mackenna made a calculating decision not to abandon her dreams of the real world. She wasn’t ready for a Calling, that of a romantic life in Doon with a true love (who shall remain nameless), but wanted instead to pursue the stage.

It’d been almost a year since she’d left Duncan MacCrae standing on the Brig o’ Doon, and though it’d been some time, she hadn’t forgotten him, not even just because she kept seeing visions of him everywhere, a bit of Doon’s magic reaching its fingers into her world. Just as she’s about to go onstage and play her key character, she finds this particular vision is real. Duncan really is standing outside her door, and he’s come to take her back to Doon since Veronica has need of her. Everything promptly falls into a romantic mess. Kenna may have a boyfriend, Duncan might not even care about her, some of Doon’s citizens are interested in betraying their new Queen, and a magical blight is destroying the borders into Doon and killing anything in its path. Their only hope is to band together, put aside their quarrels, and try to find a solution before everyone is caught and killed in the zombifying blight. And, more importantly, has Kenna lost the chance of true love, and of staying in Doon, for once and for all?

I just love this series and I’m so excited there’s going to be more! (Summer 2015!)

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