Happy Halloween with Blur by Steven James!

31 Oct


Hello everyone! I have a murder mystery for you in the spirit of Halloween! This is a very clean, but eerily creepy read for those of you who love mysteries.

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When freshman Emily Jackson is discovered drowned in a lake, junior and all-star quarterback Daniel Byers is saddened but not altogether affected until he somehow sees Emily’s corpse rise up out of her coffin at her funeral and grip his arm, ordering him to discover what happened to her. Everyone sees his collapse, but no one else seems to see the horrifying vision of Emily. Daniel thinks it’s just a fluke, but as he chooses to investigate Emily’s death, along with a new friend Stacy, he finds clues about her death that don’t add up. Suddenly, he is pursuing a murder mystery and an unquenchable thirst for truth, even if he is crazy for seeing Emily’s ‘ghost’. Odd things begin happening to him, and his dad, a policeman, doesn’t know what to make of it either, especially when their dead dog’s bones are discovered on the roof of the car. Meanwhile, Daniel can’t figure out whether he likes Stacy or Nicole, his best friend Kyle is a little suspicious, and college scouts are following his football progress, despite an unfortunate accident during a game. Daniel has to find out what happened to Emily (Who killed her? Why? And especially, why were all these things happening to him? Was he the murderer?), but will finding the truth uncover something worse and what does that mean for his future?

Steven James is the author of two fantastic thriller series for adults, the Patrick Bowers files and the Jevin Banks Experience, and now he’s started this new YA series. Daniel is immediately likeable and solidly independent, and the events surrounding Emily immediately pull you into a fast race of discovery. Readers of all ages will enjoy this mystery, especially since the book is very clean despite the subjects of murder and paranormal events. I can’t wait to read the next book and see what becomes of Daniel and his special abilities. Check out the Blur website and Mr. James’s books. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. James in the past, and he gives great talks on the craft of writing.

If gruesome and gore is more your taste, you should try Maureen Johnson’s The Shades of London series, with the first book following a modern day Jack the Ripper. Ick!

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