Of Neptune (The Syrena Legacy, 3) by Anna Banks

09 Sep

Of-Neptune-Of-Poseidon-3-Anna-BanksOf Neptune

The final book in the Syrena Legacy trilogy, in Of Neptune, Emma and Galen have a great need for a vacation. Galen is still mourning the death of Rachel, his human friend/mother figure, and seems to need space from the kingdom and his brother Grom’s kingly pressures. They were already planning to head into the mountains, but Emma’s grandfather, King Antonis, asks her to visit a small town near Chattanooga, TN called Neptune. He doesn’t give her any more clues, and when Emma and Galen make a stop at a nearby lake, they get a very big surprise. They meet a Half-Breed boy named Reed who lives in Neptune, and the town is full of freshwater Syrena and Half-Breeds that live harmoniously with humans. All seems perfect and idyll in this little town, or is it? When Emma and Galen get in a fight over their future, Galen threatens to leave, storms out, and is kidnapped by Syrena thugs. While he figures out how to get out of this mess and back to Emma, all without endangering his brother, Emma is busy being romanced by Reed and seduced into advocating for Neptune’s rights with her grandfather and mother. Both Emma and Galen must deal with the pressures their society and customs place on their relationship and that realistically they might not have a future together. Can they bring a greater glory to Neptune or will their society be exposed and exploited by the human world?

This is a quick read, captivating if but for the brief moments of reading it, and satisfying to end the series (other books found here). Though the characters are certainly older, this emotionally seems to be more of interest to middle grade readers. Some conflicts, romance, and a happy ending. Fairly clean read, except for the few instances of violence/death. Even in the epilogue’s “mating ceremony”, things are basically G rated as it reads more like Ariel’s wedding ceremony to Eric in The Little Mermaid and definitely less suggestive than the honeymoon scenes in Breaking Dawn.

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