Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

02 Sep

8b4659348d64f3809ce0d425400fcfe3Rebel Belle

Another female superhero novel, this time taking place in the South among young ladies who must be the picture of southern hospitality and grace.

Harper Price is a perfectionist and everyone knows it, even her arch-rival David Stark, a school reporter. Harper was born to succeed and when she unsurprisingly wins Homecoming queen, what is she doing when she’s supposed to be on stage accepting a crown?

She’s killing her crazed history teacher, who’s wielding a large sword and trying to murder her, with her high-heel because he killed the janitor. Oh, and the janitor gave Harper some weird power before he died. Unfortunately for Harper, it means that she is now under a supernatural compulsion to protect David Stark since the history teacher and apparently other people are out to get him. She’s a Paladin, required to protect her Oracle until death. Harper can’t get over the irony of this newest life goal, and is upset at the wreck it is making of the rest of her life. How’s she supposed to be a perfectionist, save David and the earth from destruction, and still date!? Just when she thinks she has everything under control, she discovers she might have other feelings for David, too.

Compared with other books by Rachel Hawkins, I liked the Hex Hall series better, but Rebel Belle is entertaining if slow and murky to start. I found Harper to be a hard character to relate to (for all that I am also a perfectionist and have my own Southern roots), and just when the story was getting really good, it ended. Sometimes the plot moved very fast and sacrificed some characterization, with most of the characterization happening through the action scenes.

This is a pretty clean read, with all of the strong language masked by other word choices, and while there is romantic love interest and some talk of sexuality, no real other action in that area.

Guess we will see what happens in the next book!



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