Angelfall and World After (Penryn and the End of Days) by Susan Ee

26 Aug


What if the angels of the apocalypse were the cause of the ruination of the earth? This is the world Penryn lives in, and when she decides to help an injured angel in an unfair fight, her wheelchair-bound younger sister is carried off in retribution. The hurt angel is the only thing left, and Penryn knows she cannot leave him in the street to be sliced up for black market angel parts. Penryn cares for him, but he is both enemy and bait to getting her sister back. Raffe, the angel, has just suffered the most humiliating thing of his life, as his wings were cut off and he is left at the hands of a human girl. Together, Penryn and Raffe discover that there are faces and emotions and hopes behind the enemy, and they will survive better together. Penryn journeys with Raffe to find and save her sister, and Raffe will do anything to get his wings back.


world-after_612x917World After

After the last book, Penryn’s little sister, Paige is not the same girl as before. She is now an impossibly strong little girl with strange monstrous features and appetites. To escape the persecution, Paige runs away, and Penryn is back to trying to find her, wrestling with her own ideas of monsters. Meanwhile, Raffe believes Penryn is dead, and is still trying to find his wings, now a part of the demon Belial, and through a surgical operation hijacked by political treachery, Raffe now wields a deadly pair of demonic bat wings. As Penryn searches for Paige, her life once again aligns with Raffe’s as they learn of a horrifying plot to destroy the world.

I feverishly devoured these books! Though they seem hard to grasp at the start, you can’t help but be quickly sucked in and worried about outcome of Penryn, Raffe, and Paige. There’s 5 books planned in the series and the 3rd one comes out in 2015. Fairly clean despite some gruesome ideas and strong language. Though you might think this series resembles the Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices with all the talk of angels, but so far, I haven’t read anything resembling this series. Even Laini  Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy is not similar, though of course, all these books borrow from a bit of the same angelic lore. While this post-apocalyptic series was great, it was no Divergent. Just below good enough to be a movie (perhaps because it’s just not filled with enough stuff, IMO, to make a film).


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