Tsarina by J. Nelle Patrick

12 Aug


Historical fiction with a fantastical twist.

Natalya Kutepova is bespoken to and very much in love with Alexei Romanov, the infamous boy with hemophilia protected by the mystic Rasputin. Despite the uprisings of the Reds, the disgruntled working class, Alexei shows Natalya the secret to his family’s power and his own miraculous health, for even if you cut him he does not bleed. The secret is a Faberge egg called the Constellation Egg that is filled with Rasputin’s mystic power, given in love for the current tsarina. However, a mystic finds out about it accidentally through Natalya, and the Reds storm the Winter Palace where it is kept, leaving the egg to be stolen. As Saint Petersburg is divided in civil war between the Reds and the Whites, Natalya and her friend Emilie must brave capture by the Reds to search for and steal back the Constellation Egg, all for the sake of saving Alexei’s beloved Russia.

A fascinating glimpse into what is a tumultuous time in Russia as the last of the tsar’s reign comes to a close and thus enters the dawn of the United Soviet States of Russia. Though you might be tricked into thinking Alexei Romanov and his family will live, just accept that this is not the case and continue reading.

Clean read, but there are glimpses into the harsh reality of life in Russia.



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Posted by on August 12, 2014 in Historical fiction, Young Adult/Teen


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