Alliance (The Paladin Prophecy, book 2) by Mark Frost

29 Jul

AllianceSequel to The Paladin Prophecy


When we left Will West, he had just discovered that the Knights of Charlemagne, a secret underground society at his elite school The Center, were sinister, and oh yeah, he and his roommates had special abilities possibly resulting from genetic testing. Will and his friends learn to use their abilities while also looking for more information on the Knights of Charlemagne and what the horrible Mr. Hobbes and his goons were up to. The five of them, Will, Elise, Ajay, Nick, and Brooke decide to stay over the summer and attempt to find any clues. Will has a dangerous task, and that is to infiltrate the island and discover more of its underground secrets. Really, they’re all in over their heads, and the reader is dragged on a deeply confusing mystery.

What made for an interesting but complicated first book evolved into even more of a mess. It’s extremely hard to say WHAT happened in this book because there are so many unresolved plot points and convoluted descriptions/explanations. While it might eventually have a big following, it certainly is no Harry Potter or The Hunger Games because those actually had fairly easy plot points. It’s hard to see where this series or book is even going. Read at your own risk.

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