Scarlet & Lady Thief by A.C. Gaughen

22 Jul

A new and addicting twist on the beloved tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.


Perhaps the most mysterious of Robin’s band is Will Scarlet. Here, Scarlet is a runaway from London whom Rob discovered stealing from him. Thievery, knives, and secrets are what Scarlet deals in, especially as only the band–Rob, Little John, and Much–and very few others know the biggest secret…that Scarlet is a girl. As the Sheriff orders heavier taxes on the people surrounding Nottingham Forest, its up to Rob, Little John, Much, and Scarlet to protect the people from his brutality. Even as they save lives, they garner more dangerous attention risking their necks, and with the Sheriff humiliated by the band’s actions, Prince John sends in Guy of Gisbourne, a known outlaw tracker. He’s Scarlet’s worst nightmare, and she knows if he finds out she’s actually Will Scarlet, it’ll mean the end of her life, and likely the end of Robin’s as well because he’s vowed to keep Scarlet safe. Can Scarlet outsmart Guy and the Sheriff even while her life and love hang in the balance and also hiding her true identity?

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In this sequel to Scarlet, our heroine has sacrificed herself for Robin’s sake, as he was being tortured and almost killed, and married Gisbourne, yet vowing she will never come to heed him as a wife should. However, Guy has a proposition for Scarlet when he finds that Prince John, Lady Isabel, and the Dowager Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine and other nobles are descending upon the area to help name a new sheriff. Guy wants to be sheriff, and he can since he is now titled with Scarlet’s lands, but Robin, as the Earl of Huntingdon, also has right to vie for sheriff. Guy needs Scarlet to act like the lady she is and help him toady to Prince John, and in exchange Guy promises to divorce her so that she can marry Robin. Scarlet has long forgotten how to act like a lady, and most other women and men of the court seem determined to snub her as a stupid heathen, despite her proven (albeit unladylike) talents. No longer surrounded by her defending men of Rob, John, and Much, she must depend on Gisbourne and her own wits for everything. When Scarlet finds out her parents have come to visit, another big secret rears its head to show why even Prince John is out to ruin Scarlet’s life.

Note: Some sexual references, violent situations and language. If given a movie rating, PG.

This was one of the best retellings of Robin Hood that I’ve read. It’s an absolute favorite, and I’m going to buy them as soon as I can! (Perhaps I should mention that Robin Hood is like my favorite Disney movie ever, and so, I get my hands on anything that’s Robin affiliated.) Other YA retellings are Rowan Hood, The Outlaws of Sherwood, Pretty Crooked & Pretty Sly, and Robin: Lady of Legend. Expect to see Pretty Crooked and Pretty Sly up here soon enough! I can’t wait for the third Scarlet book which A.C. Gaughen is currently working on. Meanwhile, follow her on Twitter! She tweets what she’s reading about and updates on Scarlet3 as well as she’s just pretty funny!


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