Infinityglass by Myra McEntire (Hourglass, 3)

22 Apr


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Infinityglass-Final-213The third in the Hourglass series, Infinityglass pulls almost new characters into the mix. Dune is another friend of Michael, Em, and Kaleb from the last few books. His passion and hobby is knowledge about the Infinityglass, an object, he believes, that will repair the time barrier and also has other mysterious powers. When he’s hired by Chronos (the real Chronos this time) to explore the Infinityglass, it is revealed that the Infinityglass is not a what but a who, a person, a beautiful teenage girl named Hallie Girard, who also happens to be heir to Chronos and Teague’s daughter. She’s only supposed to be a job, but almost immediately, their relationship progresses to something more. Hallie, who’s always been constantly surrounded by her father’s high-security protection measures, can’t help but to trust the silent island boy, especially when it turns out she needs his help. With the rips getting stronger and blowing into massive proportions, Hallie’s in danger and isn’t even safe from her own mother.

For some reason, while others said this was their favorite and it was a great end to the series, I just didn’t get that. I missed the old characters and the feel of the other books. Whether it was the plot, the characters, the flow of the story, I’m not sure. If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments!

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