The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks

18 Feb



of poseidonOf Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy, 1)

It’s Emma’s first time to Florida with her best friend Chloe, and they’re ready to surf it up when Emma trips over her flip flops and smacks into a handsome young man, Galen. Already mortified, she is surprised to find that he and his sister, Reyna, have the same unique violet eyes that she has.

Galen is excited to find the girl he’s been searching for, but when her friend Chloe gets attacked by a shark, he witnesses something amazing. Emma, in extreme distress for her friend’s life, tells the shark to leave and it obeys.

Galen decides he must follow her because he believes she might be the key to keeping his family’s kingdom peaceful. He is Syrena, what we would call a mermaid (or merman), and a Prince at that. He can’t explain it, but he feels something for this girl. Emma is surprised when he shows up for her first day of senior year without Chloe. While she wants nothing to do with him, he promises to tell her a secret about who she is. What follows is a story of love, finding your identity, and following your heart when it might be forbidden.

*Spoiler Alert!*

of tritonOf Triton 

Emma has just found out she is the long-lost dead Poseidon princess’s daughter, and her mother, Nalia, has been hiding on land because she thought she killed her mate, Grom. As Galen and Grom head to find them, Emma tries to convince her headstrong mother of the truth – that Grom is alive and coming for her. But if they’re reunited, a whole set of problems emerge. Grom has been sealed (married) to Paca, who supposedly has the powers of Poseidon, though Galen knows she’s a poseur. Their kingdom stands on the brink of civil war as Paca’s father rebels against the Royals. The only thing that can unite them is the true manifestation of the blessings, the power of Triton and of Poseidon, the latter which only Emma can prove, even if it will mean losing everyone she loves.



of neptuneOf Neptune

Will be released in May 2014.

While I think this series could have benefitted from, quite simply, adding MORE to the story, I was hooked (pardon the pun). It was quick, intriguing, and fun to read. Emma is a strong-willed heroine, and Galen is very serious about duty but also about finding love. Toraf and Reyna provide much of the comic relief, and the slight drama of the relationships keeps you entertained. I am excited to read Of Neptune in May and finding out whether Emma and Galen get to be together and how their lives will turn out now that they have been deposed of their Royal status and privileges.

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