Author Spotlight: Miranda Kenneally

04 Feb

Everyone has their favorite authors, and I’ve just found a new one that I really like for her contemporary fiction that deals with sports, romance, and religion along with a few tougher subjects like homosexuality, parental absence (death or otherwise), and finding your identity. Miranda Kenneally works in D.C. for the U.S. Department of State. She grew up in Tennessee, where all of her books are based. You can find more about her here.

catching_jordan_coverCatching Jordan

Jordan Woods is the senior star quarterback and captain of the Hundred Oaks Red Raiders football team, and recruiters from colleges are showing up to their games and looking at the seniors, Jordan, Sam Henry, Carter, and their new teammate, Ty Green. Ty just moved from Texas and is also a phenomenal quarterback, plus extremely good looking. Jordan is overwhelmed with the pressure of getting into a good college football program, their game season, threat of Ty overtaking as quarterback, and his attractiveness. To add to it, Jordan’s father is an NFL player who doesn’t support his youngest child playing football because…

Jordan is a girl.

For the first time in her life, things are super complicated. She’s never had a relationship before, often because she didn’t want her team to disrespect her. When it comes out that she likes Ty and Ty likes her back, you’d think that would be a happy ending, but instead, everything seems to fall apart.

stealing_parkerStealing Parker

Parker Shelton might look on the outside like she has it all together, what with being valedictorian at school and a superb softball player, but that’s all wrong. Her mother left a few months ago, because she came out. Now Parker is pegged as a dyke, a slut, and largely shunned from the softball team and her church, and in response, she begins kissing  Her older brother is going to college, but instead of being Parker’s hero, he is drinking, sleeping around, and getting high. Her father isn’t any help at all since he just says to pray about it and doesn’t do anything. Her only solace is her best friend, Drew, and his friend, Corndog. To continue to be around Drew, she signs up as the manager of the baseball team where hot new assistant coach Brian catches her eye. He’s just out of college and seems to like her. Why have high school boys when she can have an older guy?

kateThings I Can’t Forget

It’s summer and eighteen-year-old Kate Kelly has gotten a new counselor/art director job at a church camp because she wants to help support her best friend Emily who has fallen on hard times. Emily had chosen to get an abortion and when her parents found out, they kicked her out of the house. Kate helped her, and with her religious views, doesn’t know how to cope, and to make matters worse, Emily has shut her out. But their church camp has a special quality that sometimes campers feel they receive signs from God. Kate hopes God will show her a sign about Emily and about how she feels she’s sinned. That’s not all camp’s about though. There, she’s joined by her friend Will (Corndog), his girlfriend Parker, her co-counselor partner, Bumblebee Brad, and a childhood flame from her past – Matt Brown. Kate learns she can have new friends and a romance; that things aren’t so black and white as she’s always believed; and just maybe she’ll find what she really believes in the process.

racing savannahRacing Savannah

Savannah Barrow has just moved to Franklin, Tennessee with her father and her father’s pregnant girlfriend because her father got a job as head groom of a prestigious stable owned by the Goodwins. She now has to start all over her senior year in a new place and find a job. Plus, the staff are under strict rules not to interfere with the Goodwins’ personal lives, which is hard considering their teenage son Jack has taken a goodnatured liking to Savannah, mostly because she can calm his favorite horse Tennessee Star. Savannah finds it hard not to like him, but when it could mean jeopardizing her future and her family’s jobs, Savannah faces a tough choice: friendship and romance or duty to her family?

I very much enjoyed just how much her books remind me of my own high school experience. While some of you who were big into horse racing fiction might find some flaws with Racing Savannah overall, these are really great reads featuring some strong female characters. If you’re reading because you enjoy religious fiction, listen to some Superchick while you’re at it. It enhances the experience and just might introduce you to some great music!

Her next book comes out July 2014.



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