The Diviners by Libba Bray

24 Dec

c_thediviners1The Diviners

It’s New York in the 1920’s, full of bobs and flappers, speakeasies and dance clubs, glam and prohibition. Charming Evie O’Neill is sent away from her parents in Ohio to live with her Uncle Will at his museum, nicknamed the Museum of the Creepy Crawlies, because she supposedly maligned the town’s golden boy by accusing him, rightly, of getting a housemaid in the family way. Not long after she arrives, Uncle Will and his assistant, Jericho, are called upon by the local police for their assistance investigating rather grisly murder. Evie, never one to be left out, insistently tags along and accidentally sees the last moments of the victim’s life through her magical ability. As the murders continue to happen, Evie, Jericho, Will, and an unlikely friend, Sam Lloyd all team up to discover the culprit, a malicious spirit named Naughty John. Meanwhile, other young New Yorkers are having dreams and manifesting powers. Theta, a Ziegfeld girl with big dreams and a hidden past, meets Memphis, a black-skinned boy with the gift of healing and a strong mission to protect his gifted younger brother, Isaiah. Sam Lloyd has his own magic, and Jericho hides a big secret about himself. Overshadowing all is an evil that is coming for them, one that Naughty John both embodies and heralds.

This book certainly is creepy! It gave me the shivers and a feeling of something dark and twisted stalking you and your death is certain in a short matter of time! Definitely not for the fainthearted reader!

One of the greatest things about this book was the 1920’s slang! An easy reference for them is here and here. Although there is a lot of details and characters to wade through, this was a great read, albeit long. There are many secrets to discover, and yet, not enough! We don’t learn much about the Diviners themselves, Uncle Will’s past, or what terrible evil grows every minute. Guess we’ll have to wait for the next one for those answers. The second novel, Lair of Dreams, will be published August 2014. I’ll be reading!


Have a (hopefully not spooky) Merry Christmas all!



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