The Heroes of Olympus series (1-3) by Rick Riordan

17 Dec

Since I absolutely loved the Percy Jackson series and to celebrate the fourth book’s release, I started reading the Heroes of Olympus series. Different from the previous series, this series adds a new cast of narrators in addition to those of Percy and Annabeth. Be aware of some spoilers!

The_Lost_Hero_FINALIn The Lost Hero, Jason cannot remember anything beyond waking up on a school bus for a camp for unruly kids, holding a girl’s hand. Apparently, she’s his girlfriend, Piper, and his best friend is Leo. When a thunder spirit attacks them and kidnaps their camp counselor, a satyr in hiding, they encounter Annabeth, who arrives searching for Percy. She takes them to Camp Half-Blood, where they discover something odd. Jason, Leo, and Piper are demigods. Beyond that, they have some very unique gifts too. Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite and has a very powerful way with words and influence, Leo is a son of Hephaestus and has the power of fire, while Jason is the son of Jupiter, Zeus in his Roman form. Oh, and apparently Jason is supposed to be dead! When they are visited in dreams upon arriving at Camp Half-Blood, they must go on a quest to save Hera before something terrible happens, the possibility of Olympus being destroyed.

Note: Because Percy is absent, it gives the reader a chance to love a new set of characters almost as much as Annabeth and Percy.

The-Son-of-NeptuneThe Son of Neptune

Percy has returned in this second book of the Heroes of Olympus series. He, too, has lost his memories except for being trained by Lupa and her wolf pack before being chased by a pair of daily reforming gorgons to what he finds out is the camp for Roman demigods, Camp Jupiter. There he finds his father is one of the most disliked in Camp Jupiter because of their mistrust of the sea, and therefore, so is Percy. After being accepted into camp by power-mad Octavian and Praetor Reyna, Percy joins the disgraced Fifth Cohort, who always get the butt of jokes and the worst jobs on the battlefield. With him are his new friends, Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto (Hades) who is under a curse, and Frank Zhang, a large, kindly, yet clumsy boy with a well-kept secret. After Juno and Mars both appear to them, they are commanded to go on a quest to rescue Death (Thanatos) from the clutches of the giant Alcyoneus and hopefully restore the Fifth Cohort’s greatness.

Note: Our favorite side characters make an appearance in this one, and we learn to accept the Romans, even loving Hazel and Frank, despite their instinctive dislike of the Greeks.

Mark-of-AthenaOur two groups of Greek and Roman heroes (Percy, Hazel, Frank, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, and Coach Hedge) are back in The Mark of Athena. They meet up together to join forces and sail to Rome to find restore Athena’s greatness, rescue Hazel’s brother, Nico, and defeat the twin giants who are the opposing nemeses of Dionysus/Bacchus. Unfortunately, Leo, possessed by something under the influence of Gaea, attacks the Roman camp, and they all have to make a hasty exit. Now the Romans are determined to make war on the Greeks, and they head full-strength against Camp Half-Blood. This mistake and that of Gaea’s ever approaching rising give their mission a quick deadline. They must learn to work together, despite the ancient hatred between Greeks and Romans; otherwise, how do they expect their gods to work together against Gaea and her allies?

Note: Some really neat details are revealed in this book, and the ending will leave you begging to read the next one!

the house of hadesI can’t get enough of these books! They’re so addictive and oddly full of great knowledge and trivia about Greek and Roman mythology. It’s almost like having a history lesson embedded for fun. Great long reads for middle readers but can be very enjoyable for all ages. (Finally!) There is a bit of romance, but nothing sexually suggestive. As always, humor is a great part of Riordan’s novels, and these are no exception.

The fourth title in the series, The House of Hades, came out in October, but with a lengthy request list, I’ll be lucky to get it by February! Until then, Kara

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