Champion, finale to the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu

03 Dec

champion.inddTwo months ago, I reviewed Legend and Prodigy by Marie Lu. Finally I got my hands on a copy of Champion this week.


With the ending of Prodigy, June and Day have gone their separate ways. Day and Eden are living in LA, and Day is undergoing medicine and treatments for his brain tumor, still keeping it a secret. June is one of three Princeps-Elect shadowing the Elector, Anden, as he struggles to keep control of his country and manage the situation with the Colonies. It’s been eight months since they’ve seen each other, but June asks Day to return to Denver for something important. The Republic is in danger of annihilation. The Colonies have accused the Republic of deliberately affecting their citizens with a virus, part of the biochemical warfare executed by Anden’s father before he was removed from office. If the Republic does not give them the cure, the Colonies will invade, aided by the military might of Africa. Their only hope to get a cure is from Eden, which would also help convince Antarctica to become their military ally. June knows this would emotionally kill Day, after all he’s been through, but she also has no choice: hurt the boy she loves, or have their entire country be wiped out?

The quick pace and action of this book will keep you reading as you follow the characters’ choices between life-or-death, love-or-self-sacrifice. It is an excellent conclusion to the series! My favorite part about the ending was the way Ms. Lu handled the epilogue. I thought that June’s final choice was very mature, and that the time lapse showed the transition from teenager to adult, finally able to commit herself fully without being under any other pressure. I thought that this mirrors the same transition teens experience as they graduate high school, go to college (or other institutions of continuous learning), and emerge from that experience a more emotionally stable, strong person. I’d love to hear what you thought about the ending and June and Day!

This book contains straightforward (not graphic) violence and a murky mention of sexual themes.

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