Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

05 Nov



Veronica “Vee” Welling has had it rough. Her parents have always cared more for themselves than her, her boyfriend is a cheat, and she can’t afford to go to college. The only person she can count on is her best friend Mackenna who invites her to spend the summer in Scotland. Vee jumps at the chance, not just for a fresh start but also because she’s been seeing a boy in a kilt who keeps disappearing. At Kenna’s aunt’s cottage, things become even more mysterious. Vee sees that boy again and discovers Kenna’s aunt’s journal and pair of special rings that are possibly linked to a local legend about the Brigadoon. When Vee cannot help but cross the bridge, she and Kenna find much more than they expected as the fantastical medieval kingdom of Doon is in trouble from an evil witch, the heir to the throne is Vee’s disappearing Scottish boy, and oh yeah, they’re the ones accused of being witches. It’s everything Vee has desired, but can they clear their names, save the kingdom, and still find romance?

A great fantasy read (with Christian influences) and I can’t wait to see what happens to Kenna in the next book! Fans of Rae Carson will like this series! The characters are engaging and fun without being too serious or doomed. This is a good book for those needing a happy read, as well.

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