Out of the Easy

15 Oct

Out of the Easy

out_easyHaving loved Ruta Sepetys’s last book, Between Shades of Gray, I had to read this new release!

Living in the French Quarter in the 1950’s, Josie Moraine is determined to get out of New Orleans and shed the reputation of being the daughter of well-known brothel prostitute. She dreams of going to college and making something of herself, not settling for the lies, secrets, or selling her body to make money that seems to be the norm in the Big Easy. But her plans and dreams are on indefinite hold as Josie is pulled into a murder investigation and forced to fight dirty in her quest to find out the truth, a truth that might lead to life-changing discoveries about herself, her mother, her friends and acquaintances, and her well-known benefactor, the brothel madam, Willie Woodley. Will the taint of her mother and the Big Easy drag her down, or will Josie emerge free to be her own person, find love and happiness, a place where she belongs and is looked at for herself and not the circumstances of her birth?

While this novel is nothing like her last book, it is gripping and the characters are memorable. After reading this book, I would certainly not want to be a part of New Orleans in the 1950’s. It gives a glimpse into the lives of the generation that became our great-grandparents and grandparents and just how hard it was to leave your reputation behind for a big dream, especially when your choices could have disastrous consequences.


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