Seven Minutes in Heaven (The Lying Game #6) by Sara Shephard

24 Sep

15817952Seven Minutes in Heaven

In this final installment of The Lying Game, the mystery killer is finally revealed!

For the last few months, Emma Paxton has been masquerading as her dead twin sister, Sutton Mercer, in an attempt to stay alive and find out who really murdered her sister. As we left off the 5th book, Sutton’s long-time rival Nisha Banerjee was just found dead in her swimming pool, a suspicious circumstance because she was a great swimmer. She also had something important to say to Emma/Sutton right before she was found dead. But time is running out for Emma, as Thayer Vega, Sutton’s true love, is continually disbelieving her attempt to be Sutton, and her family, the Mercers, just found out that Sutton had a twin sister. Her charade implodes entirely when police find Sutton’s body and reveal the true Emma, making Emma the number one suspect in her sister’s murder because of her terrible foster kid past and the lies she’s been living. Though Emma is innocent, the one person she trusts is Ethan Landry, her boyfriend. Can Emma reveal the true killer, win her family back, all without sharing her sister’s fate?

You won’t be able to put this final book down!


Spoiler hint alert!

Wow! What do I say about the mystery?

I had a hunch about the true identity of the killer for a few books now, but it just seemed so cruel! Seriously, how does a girl LIVE through that?! Obviously her mother had legitimate innate mental issues, but all of that betrayal and lies and awfulness would be enough to break anyone and probably make Emma develop a disorder like a panic or anxiety disorder, possibly something much worse. That aspect of it is the only thing I found rather unbelievable about the whole ending.

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