Jane by April Lindner

10 Sep


April Lindner’s Jane is a retelling of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, one of the great British literature classics. If you have never read Jane Eyre or couldn’t possibly think that such a classic romance story would be interesting (or even appealing), this modern retelling is an excellent close second. With my college degree in English, I’m very familiar with Jane Eyre, and I was blown away by how great this retelling was. I’m not usually one to like modern adaptations (movie versions like She’s the Man nonwithstanding), but rarely do I ever say that I loved reading them like I did this one.

Jane Moore has the worst luck when it comes to family. Her parents are dead; her brother sold their house, kept the money and vanished; and her sister is only concerned with herself and her impending marriage to a financial mogul. Jane, on the other hand, has no more money to continue on with her studies at college and must drop out to be a nanny. Because she’s so down-to-earth and practical, Jane lands a gig with a has-been rockstar, Nico Rathburn, keeping his young daughter Maddy. While at his quiet mansion, Jane discovers the public face of Nico is completely at odds with his private one, and despite his wayward past, Nico and Jane quickly form a close bond. Though her life at Thornfield Hall makes her feel as though she finally belongs somewhere, Jane also notices there is still something mysterious happening, and it could ruin everything she holds dear.

I would certainly be interested to hear how all of you that love gruff and brooding Mr. Rochester react to the character of Nico Rathburn.


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