Requiem by Lauren Oliver

27 Aug



Requiem is the final book in the series by Lauren Oliver that includes Delirium and Pandemonium.

The book is split from two points of view: Hana and Lena. From the last book, Lena and Julian are back with the rebellion. Alex is there, as well, only he is avoiding Lena. Hana is set to marry the former mayor’s son, Fred Hargrove, who while currently being mayor also happens to have some despicable secrets. Hana, who doesn’t seem to have been fully affected by the cure, finds herself drawn to discover Fred’s secrets and his true nature before they are very publicly married. The rebellion isn’t going as well as they’d hoped, and thousands of refugees are struggling to survive, especially when Society is even denying them water and planning to slaughter them. A final stand is made in Plymouth, and all stories converge into a confusing meld that doesn’t even seem to resolve anyone’s storylines.

Can you tell I can’t stand when storylines are not resolved? I find that the ending to this series seemed more post-modern in its ambiguity. The literary merit is certainly there, but I believe readers just won’t be satisfied. Indeed, most reviews on Amazon believe the same. For instance, there was no true resolution with society, none whatsoever with Julian, who seemed to just fade out of the picture entirely (not jiving with his character arc from Pandemonium at all), maybe a bit of one with Alex (but who truly is satisfied with that), and the same with Hana, Lena’s mom, and other characters. All in all, I thought the ending of the Matched trilogy was a fitting ending, but this…just, no.


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