The Elite by Kiera Cass

20 Aug

The Elite

the eliteSequel to The Selection, The Elite picks up with the final six girls left in the running to be Prince Maxon’s choice of bride. Our heroine America Singer, Marlee Tames (America’s best friend), Celeste Newsome, Elise Whisks, Kriss Ambers, and Natalie Luca make up the elite. As the break-ins and raids get worse from the rebels, America is still torn between deciding that she can really handle being a princess of Illea and whether she will choose Maxon or Aspen. But deciding between Maxon or Aspen is not just a matter of love or America’s own happiness. While the other girls certainly have their own motives and desires whether for love or for the power of being royal, America also wants to help the people of Illea, especially after the attacks from the rebels.  America must be careful because the dangers of the heart aren’t the only ones she needs to watch out for…

In this book, some readers might find that the story doesn’t seem to progress much or consider this to be a good sequel. The issue here is not so much about how the actual plot of the story progresses but rather how America navigates her own feelings and compares the true character of those she loves with their actions. She is just a girl trying to figure out which boy is really right for her, as well as see how her country became so troubled. It is about perceptions versus realities, and every teen comes across this in their own friendship groups, determining whether people are what they say they are. It’s about finding true integrity, and America doesn’t want to settle for dishonesty and hypocrisy in whomever she will marry, as well as not settle for injustice and lies within the government (and royal family). She comes to realize that since she’s been presented this opportunity to make a large difference, she is determined to do it well and be the best princess she can be, as well as a good partner to Maxon.

The final book in the series, The One, should be out spring 2014.

Rating: Good read. This book changed my mind about buying them. I probably will buy them now. 🙂


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