Star Cursed by Jessica Spotswood (Cahill Witch Chronicles, 2)

06 Aug

Star Cursed

star-cursed-200Blackmailed into joining the Sisterhood at the end of the first book (Born Wicked), Cate Cahill is overwhelmed by how quickly things turned against her, how much she misses home and the chance she almost had to be with the guy she loves. She is worried at how she left Maura, how she was a terrible friend to Paul, and worse still, she left Finn, wonderful Finn who gave up his mother’s bookshop to join the Brotherhood so they could get married, with no explanations. Miserable, she makes no effort to fit in with the Sisterhood despite being thought the prophesied one until her roommate, Rilla, forces her to see that she’s been a terrible friend and needs to stop moping about because it does no good. Meanwhile, the Brothers are getting worse, dragging widows from their starving children and fostering much discontent with their practices. And…they have some information. The oracle they have captured (whom we know as Brenna) has said that the prophesied one will be an oracle as well. The Brothers begin throwing more girls into Harwood and placing more restrictions on women. Cate, fearful for her sisters, asks for them to be brought to the Sisterhood. As things quickly escalate between the Brothers and society, so does the conflict between Maura and Cate until there is no turning back from an all-out war. One that already has some terrible consequences.

This second book in the Cahill Witch Chronicles does not disappoint. There are still elements of romance and suspense that keep you on the edge of your seat, and you cannot help but be swept up into the worry and determination of Cate’s life. I could not put it down once I began, and when I was through, I was so very sad that I couldn’t read more. Confession: The final parts of the book had me so upset that I was crying. Keep scrolling if you really want to know why, but it’s definitely a spoiler!

My rating: Great read! Need to buy this to accompany the first one sitting on my shelf. 🙂




Spoilers here: I was terribly glad they rescued the girls from Harwood, and that Finn came back into the picture. I was NOT going to be able to read without him. In the last book, I loved his character before Cate realized she did. I can’t believe just how terrible Maura kept acting. She, too, seems to be following the path of Machiavelli where the end result justifies the means getting there. She is determinedly stubborn to oppose Cate simply because she sees her as a threat, always overbearing and “selfishly” taking the fun out of her life. The real clincher to make (in my opinion) both Cate and the reader absolutely hate Maura is when she erases Finn’s memories of ever loving Cate. I was expecting something of the sort because he’s just so vulnerable no matter how much he insists he can hold his own. If it wasn’t Alice or Inez erasing him, it was going to be Maura. But in that moment, my heart broke for poor Cate, and yet, it will give her the fuel and the fire to fight to the death against her sister, because there’s nothing more they can do to hurt her (barring anything happening to the completely capable Tess). Can’t wait to see where the rest of the series is going!


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