School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins

23 Jul

n417822School Spirits

From the author of Hex Hall, Demonglass, and Spell Bound,  this new series follows Izzy Brannick, Sophie Mercer’s cousin. Izzy’s older sister, Finnley, has disappeared without a trace. Izzy believes it’s her fault, and her mother is more protective of her than ever. To give Izzy more confidence, they take a case in Ideal, Mississippi where a teacher has suspiciously died. The believed culprit is a ghost, and a haunting is practically nothing to take care of! (Or so Izzy believes…) Her assignment is to attend a real high school, something Izzy has never done before. She’s never had anything resembling a normal life, much less a normal high school with the potential to make friends. At the school, something doesn’t sit quite right with Izzy. Her new friends, Romy, Dex and Anderson, run a ghost hunting club, and while Izzy really likes them, she knows there’s something very wrong when a driverless car almost murders a student. Angry ghost alert! Things get complicated when the ghost isn’t banished by the usual methods, not to mention the problem Izzy’s been having with her feelings about a certain boy…

Really, I just love Rachel Hawkins’ books…they’re just so easy to get excited about reading! Her books are great for later middle school and early high school, especially girls who perhaps might not be excited about reading. I can’t wait to find out what happens in later books (if I can remember this by then), because I really like the dynamic that Dex adds with Izzy, plus I want to know what will happen with the whole Izzy springing Torin from the mirror thing. . One thing I could not get over was that although they asked Torin for clues about Finnley’s disappearance, they didn’t seem to come to the conclusion that they could ask Sophie and her father, yeah? Seemed logical to me…

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