Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

30 Apr

beauty-queensBeauty Queens

In this ironic treatment of a deserted island plane crash, a group of pageant queens must band together to survive. They are unaware that they are denied rescue as The Corporation, the biggest business conglomerate of America, has stationed a secret base on the island to stage an assassination of a soon-to-be-visiting dictator and take over his country. The girls, now down to about a fourth of all fifty participants due to the fatalities of the plane crash, have to use their brains, heart, strength, fashion, and even their beauty sense to make the best of their circumstances. All discover a new side of themselves and the courage it takes to survive as a unit rather than everyone woman for herself, as it would be on the pageant circuit. It’s girl power (or ‘Girl Con’ as Jennifer, Miss Michigan, would call it) at its most ridiculous and yet you will not be able to put it down without wondering simply what else will happen next!

Having read Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty series first, I wasn’t prepared for just how different this book really is from her other works. It is sort of our America blown out of proportion a bit as everyone becomes more dependent on major corporations and more materialistic. I shouldn’t forget to add that they become less concerned with the effect they are having on the environment and the overall benefit to society. The irony presented in this book is simply fantastic and will delight you with its witticisms at every turn. It’s very close to a political satire in its treatment of corporations’ agenda to become globally dominant, into interfering and backing political figures and influencing the economy as well as foreign relations. The United States has already had issues with this interference of interest, but alas, I’m not going to go into this political mess except to say if you are interested in learning more, watch or google documentaries and you will find many allegations leading to this topic.

This would not be a book I would buy for my personal shelf, but definitely one you should read if you’re in need of a laugh and a little ridiculousness!


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