Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

12 Jan

I’ve been devouring books at an amazing rate lately. Trouble is, they all seem to be incomplete series and I never get the satisfying ending!

through the ever nightThrough the Ever Night is the second in the trilogy of Under the Never Sky reviewed here.

Aria and Perry are together once again, but circumstances mean they cannot actually be together. They must hide their close relationship. Perry’s new status as Blood Lord (leader/chief) of the Tides means he must tread carefully in regards to his own actions and decisions for they are constantly in question. Aria’s unmistakeable air as part-Dweller makes her a target and an unwelcome visitor, even if she is only trying to help. She’s also on a mission; coerced by Consul Hess from her former home, she must find the Still Blue or she cannot get Perry’s nephew Talon back. The Aether is getting worse and storms are striking even in winter, when previously there was always calm. They all need to find the Still Blue if there is hope of survival, but they don’t know where to start or even have the supplies to try. They must find the answer through Sable, a cunning Blood Lord to the north and proposed husband of Perry’s missing sister Liv. But everything in their lives seems to be falling apart at once…

Through the Ever Night is metaphorically speaking about all the hardships that lie in their path to safety, for nothing turns out as you expect. Still, a great sequel to UTNS and one that will not disappoint (except for not being longer *sigh*. But you can ignore me. I am so frustrated because I need more closure for a second book in a trilogy!). 🙂

Rating: MUST READ! Loved it so much, I bought it!


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