Timepiece – Myra McEntire

08 Jan

Since I read Hourglass a few days ago, I quickly lobbied to get Timepiece. I’m impressed with how quickly I got it, actually!

Obviously, since this is book two, there are SPOILERS for book one below.

Recap! When we left off, Em and Michael had brought Kaleb’s father Liam (and leader of Hourglass) back from the dead with their special abilities, but Michael died in the process. Em broke the rules to rescue him and the time-space continuum frayed even more. The evil mastermind Jack escaped and presumably has a backup plan.

TimepieceKaleb Ballard is our narrator this time, and he’s still adjusting to all of the changes he’s been through (what with his father being murdered and brought back from death and his mother’s memories being taken which shoved her into a coma after a suicide attempt) and their impact on his special abilities (empathy). Only now he, and the others, are all seeing rips along with Michael and Em, meaning they all have part of the time gene, and that the space-time continuum is becoming more fluid. The Powers That Be have taken notice of this predicament and blame them, making deadly threats and calling for them to locate Jack before they are all punished. Kaleb, Em, Michael, and Lily have to stop Jack at all costs, both to protect themselves from the Powers That Be and dangerously manipulative Jack himself.

This go around, Kaleb is trying to figure out whom he can really trust. He latched onto Em immediately, but with her relationship with Michael, drove his best friend away. His father is still keeping secrets from him, and there’s no one else he feels really close to. Kaleb rotates from acting sweet with a bleeding heart for anyone hurting to a ne’er do well with an eye for girls and a tough guy exterior. It’s his turn to mature and figure out what exactly makes him so special, as well as find that special someone. 🙂

One of the things I LOVE about Myra McEntire’s writing is just that she is SO GREAT with dialogue and making her characters feel real. I love Em, Michael, Lily, and Kaleb and find it amazing that although the third book comes out this summer (possibly), she just scrapped her draft. Oh boy! I know that is a LOT of work coming ahead! Also, Timepiece has received numerous well-deserved awards. Take a chance and read!

Rating: MUST BUY! Loved it! Plan to buy in the future!


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