Enclave – Ann Aguirre

07 Jan

So if you are still in the mood for dystopian books, Enclave is a fairly good read.

enclaveSomewhat a mix between The Hunger Games and Divergent on a much smaller scale, Enclave begins with our heroine passing a significant rite into adulthood and choosing her path for the future. In the Enclave, there are three paths: Breeder, Builder, and Hunter. When our protagonist chooses to be a Hunter, she becomes Deuce.  In their underground city, Hunters are responsible for being fierce fighters, guarding and hunting for the food outside the enclave. The enclave is in great danger as the Freaks, terrible perhaps once-human creatures now living on the dead, are possibly growing more intelligent and coming to wipe them all out. Because Deuce is one of the best new Hunters, she is partnered with Fade, a boy who came from outside the enclave. Through their work, Deuce learns that the leaders of the enclave aren’t as honest as they seem, but cannot seem to shake her blind obedience. Love and circumstances intervene on their behalf. Together they rescue a sick boy when out on patrol which is against the rules of the enclave and the catalyst for all of their futures to change forever.

outpostWhile I found it a fairly short read compared to most dystopians, I believe it shows promise. I didn’t absolutely go crazy over it or get sucked in as readily as other books (this could possibly just be due to how short it was and how much extra was/is still needed for establishing the setting and background), but I think it definitely merits reading the second. Outpost is the sequel to Enclave, and, unfortunately, as I cannot place any more holds at the library at this time, I’ll just have to wait for a later date to tell you about that… 😉

—Edit 1/18/2013: Outpost reviewed here. Horde reviewed here.


Rating: Good Read. Maybe buy, but didn’t all out love.


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