The Evolution of Mara Dyer — Michelle Hodkin

05 Jan

Part two of the Mara Dyer trilogy, The Evolution of Mara Dyer has proven even better than the first book, reviewed here in November.

If you have not read the first, perhaps you might want to skip this entry because it might ruin the suspense.

Once again, this title might be too disturbing for younger teen readers according to sexual references,  language, violent medical events, and psychological confusion. Older readers will be better able to handle Mara’s terrifying identity crisis and the extreme paranoia. (I’ll let you determine whether it is real or not.)

I don’t really want to give away anything, but I’ll try to explain a bit of the overarching story.

the evolution of mara dyerIn this excellent sequel, Mara has just finished seeing Jude, her supposedly dead ex-boyfriend, in the flesh at the police station. She wakes up the next day in the mental ward at the hospital. Everyone thinks she is crazy and no one believes her except Noah. She has two choices: either take an inpatient program at a special mental facility and be trapped where Jude can easily get to her, or do outpatient therapy at Horizons and live at home with strict supervision. Mara, desperate, clutches at the latter, but there is still the question of her abilities, sanity, and the unbelievable fact of seeing Jude and knowing he’s coming after her. If she wants to stay at home with her family and Noah, then she’s got to act normal, like she only has PTSD or she’ll be sent away. This isn’t especially hard until unexplainable things start happening. Despite her family’s love and care, the only one she can really trust is Noah because he loves and wants to protect her. Except he isn’t telling her some things either. Nothing adds up. Her family carries past secrets, and something is incredibly creepy at Horizons. The future is painted black for Mara Dyer…

As I mentioned on Twitter, I read this book in about five hours since I couldn’t put it down (okay, except I HAD to go grocery shopping). For a “what happens next?” type of reader, this book is incredibly addicting. I was still shipping Team Mara/Noah this go around, and just knew they belong together, no matter how much disturbing baggage each other has. I am absolutely in love with snarky yet devoted and protective Noah, and of course, I love Mara for her incredible strength and audacity. I think teens who are hurting and misunderstood will identify with Noah and Mara as they struggle to find the truth about themselves and their circumstances.

Must buy these. Soon. And make Husband read. And Self read again…

Can’t wait for book three, now only a few more months away, I suppose!

Rating: MUST BUY! Loved it! Plan to buy in the future!

If you want to read more by Michelle, here’s her website. I quite love her quirky personality. 🙂


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