Under the Never Sky – Veronica Rossi

29 Dec

under the never skyUnder the Never Sky

A meld of science fiction and fantasy, the somewhat dystopian debut of Veronica Rossi is another fantastic read. It seems as though it is our world but it has been turned sideways with the introduction of the Aether, mysterious rivers of power that run across the sky that have the ability to warp into funnels and roast anything in its path. The Aether has also forced some humans to evolve and have dominant senses: smell, hearing, and sight. These humans are known as Marked and they live outside those people that took shelter from the Aether in Pods. The “Outsiders” know them as “Dwellers” for they live in walled cities and do not see the sun. The Dwellers have pseudo “Realms” which are virtual worlds that they interact in, so that their life is supposedly better than their real life.

The two protagonists are Aria and Perry, or Peregrine. Aria is a Dweller who is searching for her mother, for she cannot contact her through the Realms like usual. In her quest for answers, she becomes the scapegoat for another’s crimes and is sent to die in the outside world. Perry saves her life twice, and their futures become entwined. Perry is an Outsider or “Savage” and brother to the leader of his tribe of Outsiders. Perry is in a precarious position because he does not agree with his brother’s leadership and if he fights him, he must kill him and so alienate his young, impressionable and sick nephew. His only other choice is to run away. When his nephew is kidnapped by the Dwellers, Perry chooses to run and attempt to find his nephew, while also rescuing Aria in hopes of her assistance finding the boy. Perry lets no one close, but he has to keep this girl alive to find answers about his nephew; Aria doesn’t know how she can survive in these conditions, and keeps expecting to die, whether by her Savage companion or the elements. Neither are prepared for the unavoidable changes they bring on each other…

through the ever nightWhile it took me some time to understand the world they inhabited, I loved it and couldn’t put it down. There is adventure, romance, otherworldly details, and what book wouldn’t be complete without some action?  I’m pretty excited that the second book comes out in a week and a half. I must say it’s perfect timing for spending some Christmas Amazon $ on finding out what else happens…

Rating: MUST BUY! Loved it! Plan to buy in the future!

Through the Ever Night (book 2) is reviewed here.


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2 responses to “Under the Never Sky – Veronica Rossi

  1. Brittany

    December 30, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    So glad you loved it!! I actually just finished Through the Ever Night and I think UtNS fans will not be disappointed! It was a great follow up 🙂

    • Kara

      December 30, 2012 at 3:49 pm

      It’s already waiting in my Amazon cart!! I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for commenting!


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