The False Prince (Ascendance trilogy) by Jennifer Nielsen

28 Dec

And so the 2012 holidays have come and gone, and it is almost a new year.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I simply find myself drawn to enjoying more time with family and spending less with my other hobbies. I couldn’t find the time to read until now, but I absolutely chose a gripping read with which to begin again. I hope you will give it a chance.


I found The False Prince to be brilliant! A young adult fantasy, adventure, and mystery rolled into one.

The story begins with a young man named Sage, an orphan who has a knack for stealing. A noble named Connor buys him from the orphanage and three other orphan boys with him. He has a sinister plot, but for a true cause. He wants to save the kingdom from civil war, a political tyrant, and from the surrounding bloodthirsty kingdoms. One of his orphans is his golden ticket, the puppet to his puppetmaster. Sage wants no part of his plan to create a false prince, but he’s too far into it now to escape. He’ll have to play the part or pay with his life, but somehow, it just might be Connor who will pay for his impending deceit…

This great first installment in the Ascendance trilogy is bound to captivate even older teenage readers and promises mystery, intrigue, and some very canny plot twists. Beware, she might just weave a web around you, dear readers…

Rating: MUST BUY! Loved it! Plan to buy in the future!

Book 2, The Runaway King is slated for March 2013

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