Mystery: Bad Kitty

11 Sep

Just recently (like, last week)  I finished Bad Kitty by Michelle Jaffe. I was a profuse reader of Meg Cabot as a teenager, mostly because YA fantasy was just something that was hard to come by, and contemporary fiction was the norm. Meg once recommended Bad Kitty by her friend Michelle Jaffe, and I’ve wanted to read it ever since.

A little note about Meg: Most young adult audiences know she’s the one who created The Princess Diaries series, but she also wrote the Mediator series, the 1-800-Where-R-You series, the Airhead series, and various other smaller series and adult books. However, I have found that her books are largely for entertainment, enjoyment, and to establish universal feeling, a kind of camaraderie among females.

Bad Kitty is in the same boat. It is full of pop culture references, fake celebrities, a murder plot, and lots and lots of pink. I can see why boys probably wouldn’t be attracted to this one (no worries like this about Ally Carter’s series above, gentlemen!). It also is pretty humorous and wildly unbelievable, yet still an entertaining read. Once again, middle grade readers/lower high schoolers, this is more of a book for you, to just have fun reading.

Bad Kitty Summary:

badkittyJasmine always seems to have the worst luck. She wants to be a detective when she’s older, but her father doesn’t like her learning or practicing any of that stuff. (Luckily he doesn’t know about her TiVO schedules.) When she takes a vacation with her unconventional family in Las Vegas, all of her bad luck starts and ends with a cat, landing her in a pot of water turned on to boil. Only boiling in this case means death as she falls straight into a plot of murder, secrets, and incorrect assumptions. With her are her weird cousin and her best friend, Alyson and Veronique, her three best friends, Polly, Roxy, and Tom, and that insanely cute boy who works at the hotel, Jack. The dialogue from the characters alone is enough to make you want to keep reading (and laughing)! Jas and her friends set out to help a young boy and his cat, but they can’t help it if they like to do so with a certain outrageous flair.

Rating: Read if you must, but not a book I would ever pick up again.

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